Gillingham Beer Festival

We are playing at the Gillingham Beer Festival,  Gillingham Social Club, Hardings Lane this Saturday from 2pm.

We have some new songs that we have never performed in public and plenty of beer and cider, what could possibly go wrong? Come and find out this SATURDAY!

MBR 2022

We  are playing our first gig as Trip Hazard at the fundraiser on 8th of April. Why not come along for a laugh/hurl abuse/raise funds for the Air Ambulance. Should be a stonky, shonky weekend…..see you there.

Shonky Trip Hazard

From two to three and now five members in the band. When the ladies joined us we couldn’t really class them as knuckledraggers so we  have changed our band name to Trip Hazard, which is usually the state of the floor at our gigs (lol).

Blackmore Vale Inn Gig

We had a great time with the very welcoming bar staff. A few issues with sound levels but sorted once we cranked it all up a notch.

Not many people in the pub, and yes I know it was chucking it down cats, dogs and vagrants but come on Marnhull, SUPPORT your local pubs. As the saying goes, use it or lose it.

Gary and Mel’s Garden Gig

Lashed together at the last minute, our first gig with our new percussionist, Filthy Fil. We had a great time, and apart from a few fluffs here and there, it seemed to go down well. Fortunately everyone was too pissed to notice said fluffs. Happy daze. lol